About Me


Hi! My name is Kevin Lux and I don’t really like talking about myself, which makes writing an ‘About Me’ page a bit of a mare. But here I go anyway.

I’ve been watching comedy ever since I was a little boy and always had a fascination for sketch comedy and stand-up. But what really struck a chord with me was written comedy. Comedy articles like those by Charlie Brooker and Woody Allen, not only made me laugh like barely anything else, but they also made me think I could, in theory at least, do this too. So I started coming up with some of my own material and here we are! Now I spend most of my day trying to have funny thoughts, which I then try to turn into funny sentences. And there’s funny pictures too! You’ve probably noticed the illustrations that accompany my articles. They’re all done by Julia Schwarz, who is just an amazing artist. If you have an Instagram account, by all means follow her. She’s got some amazing art and it’s well worth checking out. And while you’re at it, you can also follow me if you want to keep up to date with everything I do.

Apart from appearing on this website, you can also find my articles in a book series entitled Puerile, Possibly Satirical. Each volume contains articles from the website as well as an additional two articles that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. The decision to have some articles feature exclusively in the books is sort of a compromise. I want all my work to be available for free, but at the same time I also want to reward those who choose to pay for my work. Furthermore, the books are my only source of revenue from writing, meaning I rely on my readers’ support to keep writing articles. I genuinely love doing this and I’m incredibly grateful to everyone who buys a copy of one of my books because that’s what allows me to keep devoting myself to the craft of writing comedy. Here’s a link to my Amazon author page where you’ll find all my books.

And that’s it! I think that should be enough. Thanks for reading!

Since I’ve mentioned Charlie Brooker, I’m tempted to end this with his iconic „Go away.“, but I would much rather you stick around a bit and maybe read an article or two. In case you do, here’s a link back to the home page, where you’ll find my most recent article.